Paper bags were so first wave...

Ride the second with the CopperClean bag offered by Penny Wise PPE. The copper lining provides dynamic protection by killing bacteria and viruses on contact, protecting you and your mask from cross contamination, while the belt loops and shoulder straps allow you to access your mask at any time.


Penny Wise PPE Protection was founded by three EMT's in Massachusets to protect the front line workers who serve our communities through an affordable, safe, and sanitary method of PPE storage. Our product offers an innovative method to store masks and PPE in a way that keeps both the wearer and patients safe by limiting cross contamination and bacterial and viral spread. 



All Penny Wise bags sport a copper infused lining that mitigates mask-to-bag cross contamination. The paper bags used to store N95 masks can host viral contamination for up to 24 hours, opening the door to contamination. Such contamination can be transferred to respirators during storage, and thus pose a risk to the user. The CopperClean Bag mitigates this risk by destroying any contaminants after they touch the interior.


At Penny Wise PPE Protection, we know the importance of a well fitting and properly sealed mask. The standard paper bags commonly used to hold masks don't prevent PPE from being misshapen and crushed, which can potentially prevent a mask from properly sealing to ones face to protect the wearer. The Penny Wise PPE Protection bags prevent crushing and contortion of masks by safely housing and protecting PPE from the hazard and wear of front line workers jobs. 


Integrated beltloops and removable shoulder straps provide easy mask access on the go. The drawstring opening ensures breathability while also allowing for one handed access to PPE.


Disposable PPE use has increased substantially in the wake of the Covid-19. Microplastics and protective equipment waste has already found itself in our oceans and communities. The Copper Clean bag is designed with the environment in mind, allowing providers to safley reuse PPE to the maximum extent possible. Keep yourself safe, keep your communities clean, and keep your PPE with Penny Wise PPE Protection.