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Penny Wise PPE Protection was founded by three EMT's in Massachusetts with the goal of making mask storage safer. All of us were used to storing the same N95 in the same paper bag all day, and we realized that this exposed providers to infection. We solved this problem using age old science and innovative materials, integrating copper infused polyester with an easy to carry drawstring bag. We provide you with a safe, effective, and innovative solution to PPE storage to ensure that you, your family, and your patients are all safe from cross contamination.

Team Members

Victor Ko

Ethan Lutz


Ethan Lutz is the founder and CEO of Penny Wise PPE Protection. He has worked as an EMT for Vital EMS in Worcester MA for the past three years in both a transport and 911 settings. Ethan is studying Biochemistry and Political Science at Clark University. In April, Ethan was deployed to NYC to help with the Coronavirus response, and while there saw the need for safer PPE storage. In response, the Copper Clean bag was born, allowing providers to store PPE in a clean and safe way.


Want to join us? If you want to join a rapidly growing business and help protect health care providers nationwide please send an email to elutz@pennywiseppe.com.