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How are you storing your mask? Odds are if you’re a first responder or healthcare worker the only option available is a brown paper bag. While deployed to New York City at peak of the pandemic I saw EMT’s like myself, as well as other essential workers all reusing what limited PPE they had in brown paper bags. When you store your mask in improper environments like this, contamination from can be transferred to the inside surface of the bag while shortening the lifetime of the PPE.

Penny Wise PPE Protection provides emergency responders with a sterile place to store their masks. The Copper Clean Bag uses the natural germicidal properties of copper to protect and preserve the PPE of those on the front lines. Masks are made easy to access while also protecting contents from structural damage.

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"Penny Wise PPE Protection, a provider of sterile personal protective gear storage for front line workers, won $4000 through Clark University’s Ureka Challenge 2021. Penny Wise PPE took first place in the competition with its CopperClean bag, invented during the coronavirus pandemic with a germicidal copper-lining to prevent cross-contamination of masks used by health care professionals."

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"Many Smaller organizations such as skilled nursing facilities and EMS lack the sterilization systems available to large healthcare facilities. Penny Wise PPE Protection provides a cost-effective solution for such providers to store their protection in a safe way."

Yanissa Perez De Leon, Editor


"Medical workers typically store their gear in paper bags, which can lead to the transfer of bacteria and virus particles, Lutz notes. If you put it into the copper polyester bag, it is a sterile environment that lets you reuse masks, he says."

Aviva Luttrell, Content Developer


"Penny Wise PPE Protection was founded by Massachusetts Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) to make reusable mask storage safe. The Penny Wise PPE Protection CopperClean storage bag is a sanitary and contamination-free alternative to paper bags which can harbor cross-contamination for up to 24 hours."

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"Ethan Lutz has been serving as an emergency medical technician in Worcester for the last four years. When the coronavirus pandemic was ravaging New York City last spring, the Federal Emergency Management Agency sent him to Queens, N.Y., to help. While there, he started a new business."

Brad Kane, Editor


“Not only does cross-contamination put the provider at risk of contracting COVID-19 unnecessarily, but it also lowers the lifespan of PPE and causes institutions and health care facilities to spend more on PPE costs than they would have otherwise,”

Aviva Luttrell, Content Developer


"When everybody's trying to get it [PPE], it becomes too expensive to outfit your lowest level providers. In this time, it's even more essential to make sure to store your PPE safely."

Cam Jandrow, Anchor


"The CopperClean bag features a germicidal copper lining that prevents cross-contamination by destroying bacteria and viruses on contact. The CopperClean bag has been approved for sale via a DOD Commercial Item Determination."

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